Village of Baldwinsville
16 West Genesee Street
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Phone: (315) 635-3521
Fax: (315) 635-9231
Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Village Clerk: Jody DePaulis;

Deputy Village Clerk: Melissa Panella;

Information Aide: Mary Augustus;

Mayor: Bruce Stebbins;

Village Trustees:

Ruth Cico
Megan O'Donnell
Mike Shepard
Eric Reinagel
Nate Collins
Joseph Cole

Meetings 1st and 3rd Thursday of month - 7:30 pm

Village Treasurer: Mark Baker;

Phone: (315) 635-3521
Fax: (315) 635-9231


The Village Clerk is a supervisory, administrative position appointed by the mayor. The Village Clerk is responsible for the operation of the Village Office and for its compliance with all pertinent regulations. The functions as the Official Village Management Officer include, ensuring accuracy for required recording, posting, filing and retrieving of all village records, preparing and transmitting payments of all claims, and handling village bank deposits. The Village Clerk serves as Village tax collector, Village election commission clerk, employee benefits administrator, secretary to the Village Board of trustees, permit and licenses issuance officer and public service and information officer.


A copy of the trash haulers that are licensed in the village can be found under VILLAGE Clerk’s news and information.

Marriage licenses can be obtained from any town clerk’s office or county clerk’s office.

Copies of Death or Birth Certificates can be obtained from the Onondaga County Clerk’s Office.

Paper work for a DBA can be obtained at the Onondaga County Clerk’s Office.

Deeds for properties located within Onondaga County are filed with the Onondaga County Clerk’s Office and copies can be obtained at

Dog licenses are obtained from the Town you reside in, which would be either the Town of Van Buren or the Town of Lysander.

You can obtain up-to-date recycling information from OCRRA.

Water/Sewer bills are due by the 25th of the month you receive the bill. Failure to receive the bill does not waive penalties.

Village tax bills are due, without penalty, during the month of March.

The Village’s fiscal year runs from March 1st through February 28th or 29th.

Register to vote at the Onondaga County Clerk’s Office.