Light up the Village!

That’s the cry in the Village of Baldwinsville. Thanksgiving and Christmas-two heavy fan favorites-may look different for many of our residents this year. Travel maybe limited. Group gatherings are questionable. So we want the holidays around here to be something special. Lighting up houses, tress and businesses.

If you already light up your home/yard, great. Maybe add a string of lights or another lawn ornament. If you don’t usually do much decorating, this would be a good season to give it a shot. The Village is putting up lights on poles around the Village. And we will have a Christmas tree in the square, as is tradition. And hopefully our businesses will add a little flair.

Our traditional tree lighting would have been on November 28th. That’s a good weekend to target getting the decorations in place. Then, our residents can ride around the Village and get some festive feelings. We will have a spot on the Village’s Facebook page, where people can list addresses that are a can’t miss for those out taking in the lights.

Maybe we can make this part of a rough 2020, a little easier to handle

Mayor Dick Clarke