Halloween in the Village of Baldwinsville

As is true every year, Halloween trick-or-treating is an individual choice. For the safety of all, trick-or-treating should occur on October 31st, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and we would ask everyone to consider the following precautions this year because of the COVID-19 virus that is still a concern for all.

HOMEOWNERS: If you chose to give out candy, please consider how you can do so while keeping yourself and the children who may come to your door safe – wear a mask and gloves; place candy into the child’s bag rather than having them reach into your bowl; find a fun way to deliver the candy in a socially “distant” way. If you chose not to participate, please keep your porch lights off that evening.

PARENTS: If you chose to allow your children to participate, consider a costume that can incorporate a face mask; trick-or-treat in small groups;  be a good role model and wear your mask; if a house looks overly crowded,  move on to another home with fewer trick-or-treaters. And if you or your child has a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms, please remain home and find another way to celebrate the holiday with them.

Lastly, circumstances may change that will necessitate Halloween trick-or-treating not occur within the Village this year.  While we certainly hope that does not occur, we will be closely following the guidelines established by Gov. Cuomo and the NYS Department of Health.  We will share any updates with the community as they become available to us.