NOTICE regarding the placement of trash containers

Notice from the Public Works Department

Trash containers placed out to the road for pickup must be in your driveway behind the curb line and back far enough to avoid being hit by snow thrown from the snow plow.  Containers in the road or close to the road may be hit by the plow or snow thrown from the plow. 

River view Overlook - SSET

The Village has recently completed construction of a river-view overlook on the South Shore East Trail (SSET).  The SSET runs from the parking lot at the north end of Grove Street to Community Park.  The overlook includes an viewing platform and benches.  Please take advantage of this new feature to our ever-expanding system of trails and walkways throughout the Village.


The Village is pleased to announce completion of a new kayak launch in  Community Park.  This launch provides easy access for kayaking in the Seneca River.  This portion of the river provides great flat water kayaking with the opportunity to view many species of wildlife including heron, water fowl, bald eagles, muskrats and more.  Parking is readily available and there are restrooms directly adjacent to the launch site.  This launch will be open until mid-November (depending on weather conditions).  We encourage all local kayakers to come and try it out.